Training Day

Not sure what I’m training for yet?
I decided last night I was going to get up early, run to the gym and get in a workout. Why would I want to do this when the first snowfall of the year hit yesterday? Partly because running is preferable to driving, car2going or taking the bus. A car2go would not have been to bad, except having to scrape the windshield.

Also, I’m feeling inspired. I had been listening to UltraMarathon Man by Dean Karnazes. I have zero desire to even attempt what he does and the book is filled with bullshit philosophical platitudes, but the guy has done some crazy things.

I start most days with the intention to get up early and at least do a mini HIIT before breakfast. It never happens. I was awake about 3AM, I then laid there mostly awake for the next two hours wondering if this was actually going to happen. Miraculously it did.

I then stuffed my pack. Food at the bottom. Two hard boiled eggs, tilapia with green beans and some paleo mulligatawny soup. I’m planning on working out a little more when I get home tonight, so I need to fuel up.
Then are my clothes and realized I didn’t have a pair of shoes at the office, so my fluvlogg wingtips are crammed in there.


Also a protein shake in the side pocket. Half pre workout and half for post.
I continued to listen to the audio book on my run, I was on the chapter where he is running a marathon in Antarctica. My morning run seemed pretty easy in comparison, and it was. I hadn’t run in a while and it felt really good.

I landed in the gym around 6AM and attempted to pick up my strength training program where I had left off two months ago. I was ok on the squatz and deadz, but my bench gains are gone.

So what am I training for? Not sure yet, thinking maybe a marathon or maybe the Enbridge Ride? Really I think it was the snow that drove this. It would normally be time to hibernate and I’m just not ready to yet.

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