Good Bye Meow Meow

I had never really had a pet that I cared for. Then I met Miao-Yin. Tamara and I had been dating for about a year when Geoff gave her the cat. I can’t say I was super stoked about the idea. Tamara and I had just started speaking about moving in together someday and now she was in possession of a cat that was at times incontinent and also seemed to throw up a lot. It was soon after that the vet informed us she was diabetic and Tamara started giving her insulin twice a day. Sometime later Tamara and the cat moved in with me to my little condo in bankview. I had at this point decided I really liked Tamara, but I wasn’t sure about the cat. After a while the cat started to grow on me. I loved how Tamara would speak with the cat like she understood every word and sometime’s the two of them would get into arguments. (Usually in the kitchen around dinner time) It was very entertaining.

At this point I was surprised at how much I liked having a cat. My favorite thing was when Tamara would come to bed at night with the cat and we would spend some time giving her scratches and pets before she would curl up and go to sleep with us. The cat had been there through a few tough times with us and every night she would come to our bed. We would rub her belly and then things maybe didn’t seem that bad.

Meow meow was 19 and had a myriad of problems. She had kidney disease that caused dehydration and resulted in us giving her subcutaneous fluids, a thyroid condition that required pills twice a day, arthritis that required another pill twice a day. We had been visiting the vet and were going to get some tests done to diagnose the source of her bloody urine when her diabetes returned. Around the same time I found blood in her stool and she had become incontinent. Because of this we could not allow her to come upstairs or to sleep with us anymore. I felt really bad at times leaving her downstairs. She would sometimes surprise us in the morning by somehow getting around the gate and joining us in bed in hopes of prodding us to get us downstairs to feed her.

At the end of the day I’m confident we made the right decision. She will be missed by us and her previous friends and owners. All in all I think this little cat brought us all a little happiness and I feel very lucky to have met her and spent some time with her.

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