A very boozey christmas

Well I think christmas 2009 has been very successful this year. |
Snow – check
Family – check
bOOze – check
Awesome gifts – check
Sherlock Holmes – check

I think that everyone made out like bandits for xmas this year, it sure makes one appreciate how good life is when others have so much less, sorry if that sounds cliche to say but tis true. This year has broken traditions of years past,christmas presents opened a little later in the morning, my first theater movie on christmas day and no turkey to be seen (turkey has been bumped till tomorrow). Dan spent a bit too much buying me a garmin forerunner but I couldn’t be more pleased. By Dan standards I’m pretty sure he was happy with his gifts now I just need to figure out his bday gift in a week LOL oh dear.
Well its now small finger food time in place of turkey time YAY!

Hope everyone else had a really lovely day.

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