Settling In

Saturday was move day. It had been a long week, with myself working late almost every night and Tamara having to do most of the packing. We had both been so busy we didn’t realize that our possession day was approaching and we hadn’t signed anything with the bank or the lawyers.  I’m not sure what our broker was doing but it was a mad dash about town to get everything signed. We ended up doing our walk through on the 1st and picking up the keys the next day. I wrapped up most of my project at work Friday and left the office with plans to take most of this week of. We stayed up late packing and the movers arrived Saturday morning. We were all moved in by 1PM.

The place is awesome.  It doesn’t seem as small as I initially thought, in fact now it seems huge after a few days running up and down the stairs.  We’re still cleaning up the old place and showed it to a nice couple on the weekend.

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