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I did some math today to figure out how much it’s costing me to drive to work now that I’m not downtown anymore.

My last gas purchase was 61.59 Litres. This lasted 11 days and 307 Km.

I can extrapolate from that a cost of  $5.26 per day based 5.59 Litres of fuel used at a cost of 94 cents per litre. That includes weekend driving.

Anyway that’s $157 per month or $1893 a year. Kinda sucks, but what are my alternatives?

A Calgary Transit bus pass is $83. That would save me $73 per month, but the problem is I’m on a bus.  Calgary transit sucks balls. I’ve always been a bus rider when I couldn’t walk to work. I thought the Winnipeg Trasit system was great. We didn’t have fancy trains, but the buses were always on time.

When I first moved to Calgary I continued to use the bus to commute, however I did notice buses sometimes were late or didn’t show up at all. The trains are packed during rush hour. Trying to get off them at your stop at times can be impossible. Another issue is time. Do I want to spend an hour or more on a bus and a train and a walk to work? I would prefer to jump in my awesome truck and go when I’m ready and not have to deal with the crush of people. The bus does have huge benefits. I do like getting on and getting a little extra sleep and or reading, but I have better thing to do now and I can’t do them on the bus. Let me know when Calgary Transit installs treadmills.

So anyway I’m writing this to make myself feel better about the $157 a month I’m going to spend on commuting. I don’t have a car payment anymore so I can afford this. Calgary transit has a long way to go before I get on a train or a bus on a daily basis.

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  1. I totally hear you about the Calgary transit system. It’s really very annoying that they can not be on time, or that some buses don’t even show up. Although I have determined the method to their madness.

    There madness is like this.. If it’s cold out side or a light snow fall, they remove every second bus from the route. So, if are lucky enough to know when the last one passed, and they are on 15 minute intervals (rush hour) then wait 25 minutes, and you can get on a bus. However, this bus will be packed since every second bus will not be coming. It will also smell like poo streaked undies and the blood of an antelope.

    I’m an unhappy bus rider between the months of September to April…

    Unfortunately, I also need to point out one miscalculation in your equation. You must also add some dollar figure for vehicle repairs due to additional wear and tear. (ie Tires, Alternator, Female Asian Driver rear ending you, etc)

  2. I agree with you 100%!!!!! This morning I waited 45 minutes for my bus to show up. We were ALL late for work – not just me … I was late for work (I’m never late, thank God), so I had to “explain” to my boss why I am late today. My question is … can I get a reduction in the fare I provided this morning, or … does this company (Calgary Transit) expect its customers to just shut up and not comlain? Thanks for listening … I have just had it with Calgary Transit. No wonder so many people insist on driving to work! Spending 45 minutes this morning out in the cold has given me incentive to get a car!!

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