New Doctor

I met my new GP today. Typical GP, all business. Seemed like a nice guy.
Lots of notes around his office with rules of how to expedite your appointment. The biggest complaints most family Doctors have is people will come in complaining about a sore throut then at the last minute mention they also wake up blind in the morning and have to bang their head against the wall five to ten times before they can see again. I have no idea if this is a real medical condition. It is probably how I would attempt to solve the same problem. My last Doctor retired. This guy was all business, but attentive and older than Moses. I was glad to see the old guy finally retire, even if it meant I had to find a new Doctor. The best thing about my old Doctor his dog. The dog was also really old. In fact he and the doctor must be about the same age, if you count for dog years. The dog was a dachshund. Like I said he was old and grey.
He stayed in his bed most of the time, but sometimes got up and explored. He would scratch at the door when he had to go outside.
I liked him. There was a note warning not to sneak up on him or bother him. I guess he was hard of hearing and crotchety. More things in common with his owner.

So new, younger and less crotchety Doctor took my medical history. At the end, he asked if I had any questions.
“Yes, just one. Do you have a dog”
“Oh…my last Doctor had a dog. If you had one and wanted to bring him to work that would be fine with me.”
“No sorry, I don’t have a dog”
“Too bad, I guess you can be my Doctor anyway”

I think on my next visit I’ll bring some pictures of puppies and leave them around his office. Maybe he’ll get the hint.

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