A pretty mellow weekend here in Victoria. I’m at the Empress Hotel and I was upgraded to the VIP floor. Jason and I went for a few drinks last night and I was up early for a run today. We met up for lunch in the Bengal Lounge in the hotel. Possibly the coolest room I’ve ever been in. There is a huge tiger skin rug on the wall. Poor kitty. We went to the comic book stores today and wandered around downtown. I picked up the new Hulk that I’ve been waiting months for. I like Jason because he talks a lot…I mean like non stop. So I don’t have to.  Victoria has so much character. Every building is a new stunning piece of architecture. I could wander around for hours. The weather is pretty nice also. I’m just bumming around the hotel right now while Jason is at work. I’m finally putting a dent into Atlas Shrugged. Only like a thousand pages to go!

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  1. FU, man!
    if i let you do any talking, we would have been waiting for EVER!
    just kidding.
    you were my first buddy to visit in awhile,
    so i was in OVERDRIVE.
    good times dan,
    nice to see your site getting some comic shit on it.

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