Posted on August 07, 2009

Tomorrow is the fourth race of the 5 peaks trail running series. Salomon is the main sponsor and is there every race with demo shoes. I’ve demoed this same pair every race this year and fell in love with them. Finally bought my own today for tomorrows race at Nikiska.


Posted on July 05, 2009

Oh Nike vomero’s, how I love you.
I bought a new pair today. So nice. This is my fouth pair and the only shoe I’ll run in. Pricey but worth every cent. Put these on and it’s like running on clouds with herds of unicorns and rainbows shooting out your ass. Really they are that good.

Training Day

Posted on January 15, 2009

Mike and I started our training today.
We signed up for a running clinic with the running room to train for a half marathon. It was pretty fun. I’m used to running alone most of the time, but it was cool to hang with the big guy and get out of the house. I initially thought I was doing Mike a favour by encouraging him to do this clinic. In reality he’s the one helping me. Our instructor is also narcoleptic like Mike!
I was impressed he was able to stay awake for the classroom portion of the night. Mike’s two favorite places to fall asleep are any kind of meeting and cars. Sometimes when he’s driving them. His bed is a close third.

Back From Victoria

Posted on October 14, 2008

This weekend I ran a marathon in Victoria, BC. After training for five months I was ready to get it done. There are some other fitness goals I want to work on, running was taking up a lot of time. Doing something like this is can be a selfish pursuit.  A lot of time is spent trying to find the time to train, planning what will be done and analysing performance. There were times I felt like Ivan Drago in Rocky IV as I examined the charts and graphs outputted from my Garmin that tracked my pace, distance and heart rate. It was a useful tool but somewhere along the way I stopped running for enjoyment. The goal was consuming it. The day before the race I went to see Olympic gold and silver triathalon medalist Simon Whitfield speak. He  spoke of his training, specifically swimming. He said they would have cameras shooting him from every angle in a mirrored pool so he could better analyze his technique during and after. He called it “analysis paralysis”. There comes a point where you can over think your training.

I really didn’t have much of a plan going into the race. In the other races I had started too fast. This time I hung way at the back and started really slow. I kept my pace in 10:00 11:00 /per mile range for the first 3 miles. Then I sped up a little. By mile 6 I was doing an 8:00 /per mile. I maintained that pace for 6 miles. Then I started to gradually fade. I was getting really bored and wanted it to be over. The last mile was probably the hardest. I shuffled across the finish line. The endorphins were making me feel kinda weird. I was completely overcome with emotion. There was a lump in my throat so big I could hardly breath. I sat down near the medical tent in case I passed out and then I cried for about five minutes. It felt really good.

I got in a cab and went back to the hotel. Got in the hot tub and drank some beer. After a nap I was ready to eat. I had just walked into the bar downstairs when the power went out. The whole island was without power for about an hour. When the power did come back on I ordered some ribs, chicken fingers and chocolate cake for desert.  After eating nothing but powerbar gels all day it was pretty good.

If you had asked me that day if I was going to do it again, I would have said no. The next day in the cab on my way to the airport I started thinking about what I’ll do different next time.

In the end I finished in 4:30. Pretty dismal, but it’s the furthest and longest I’ve ever run.


Tamara’s Run

Posted on September 15, 2008

Tamara kicked ass at her 5K race on Sunday! The race was early Sunday morning at Bowness Park. It looked like a pretty fun run.  She even won a pretty nice gym bag as a door prize. Tamara’s eagerly awaiting the posting of the official results, but we know she did it in about 28 minutes. I’m sure she finished in the top ten women and maybe top five in her age group. Stay tuned.

Race Day

Posted on July 06, 2008

Today was the day. After nine weeks of training I was glad to get it over with. I was up at 5AM to eat and digest before the 7AM start. I as a little anxious as I headed to the race. The start and finish are only two blocks away, super convenient. My goal was to complete the half marathon in 1:45. That would be 30 minutes faster than last year. I decided to run with one of the pace setters. Maybe it would have been better to go solo. The pace setter was running a 10 and 1, where I had trained to run non stop. The result being the pace was going to be a little faster than what I had trained for. My big concern was the first hill after the stampede grounds. It was there last year I got the heaves and had to start walking. Lucky for me as we hit the hill we also hit our first 1 minute walk. I got over the hill and figured the rest would be easy. It was soon after I guess the pace caught up with me. Just outside the zoo I started to get the heaves. I also took this opportunity to pull over and pee. I had to go from about 15minutes prior to the race starting but the lines for the porta johns were way to long. I thought maybe I would sweat it out. I don’t think that is even biologically possible. So I started up again and tried to catch up with my pace group. I got pretty close after really picking up the pace, they were on a walk and then started running again. I thought about trying catch them, but the elevated pace was going to kill me. I then resigned myself to just run my own race. I figured if i could finish under 1:50 I would be happy. I started to pick victims and run a imaginary race against them for motivation. I passed a few guys in the pace group who had also faded. There was one older lady who was right on me for the last mile. I poured it on a finished in 1:49:30. I can live with that. Also set new PR’s for 5K and 10K. My buddy Nick who didn’t even bother training finished the full in 3:30 and Rob finished in 4:20.
Finished 406 OA in a field of 2247 and 51st in my age group in a field of 137
Here are some pics.




Posted on June 02, 2008

Yesterday’s run was killer. Rob and I did 20K at a 9:00 pace. We managed to hold the pace and it felt really good. Cardio was not stressful at all. I still had enough gas to sprint the last few hundred meters. All this bodes well the half marathon. I plan on running that at an 8:00 pace for a completion time of 1:45. That will be a full 30 min faster than last year. I was pretty sore today but, I think I’ll be recovered tomorrow.