Backpacking Banff


A few weeks ago I finally got out “backpacking”. I use quotes because the hike from the car was only about 50 yards. I had planned to go to Barrier Lake and had even booked a spot. This was the fist weekend in October. “You are the only one there booked for the whole weekend as of right now.” said the lady on the phone. “You will have the place all to yourself!”

“Yeah!?… Sounds great,!” I said.

I got off the phone. My friend and co-worker Brendan arrived in the office. I told him of my plans.

“You know the bears are still out” he said. “And they are hungry.”

I was looking forward to spending some time alone in the woods, but this was really REALLY alone in the woods. I cancelled my reservation. I decided it would be better to take a trip to tunnel mountain for a first excursion. That way if I had forgotten anything critical, it would be a short walk to the truck.


The lower campground was closed, so I drove up to the top of Tunnel mountain that I had thought was only for RV’s? There were some really nice walk up tent sites there that were exactly what I was looking for.




The new tent was easy to setup and the freeze dried food was easy to make and cleanup after.
I rode some trails and some of the Bow Valley Parkway the next day. Overall it was successful a little boring in the evening. I still cannot get a good sleep camping, even with the sleeping pad I borrowed from Myles.

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