I’m quitting P90X…for now

Today was day 1 of P90X and I’m quitting. Don’t laugh. I’m not quitting because its too hard, and it is. I just don’t think it is the program for me right now. When I was going through the nutrition guide on the weekend I started to wonder if this was the right time to do this? Currently I weigh 187 lbs. This is huge for me. I was 190 at xmas and was down to 180 in February.  I accomplished this initial weigjt loss by counting calories and exercising.  I tried to maintain a calorie deficit to support a weight loss of 2 lbs per week. So i’m going through the P90X nutrition guide yesterday. It’s walking you through the basics of finding your RMR and calculating calories required in a day. Then it advises to add an addition 600 calories that you will require daily to complete the p90x workouts. OK, I get it. You need to replenish calories. If the deficit is to large you will bonk or your body will be in starvation mode. That occurs when you do not feed yourself enough calories. The body reacts by storing energy as fat reserves.

So there is nothing in the guide to “tweak” this to support weight loss, and probably rightfully so.


“Following the guidelines and maintaining an eating discipline will optimize your energy level and fat-burning ability throughout your p90x workouts.”

“The p90x Nutrition plan is designed to optimize energy and fat loss while working with your exercise plan to build strength and lean muscle mass. This dramatic change in your physical composition means that you might not see a big change on the scale because you’ll be trading fat for lean , strong muscle..”

So now I’m starting to see what this is about and who it is for, but there is an important misconception to clarify. You cannot turn fat into muscle. I’m not indicating  that the above statement is supporting this popular misconception. The people at beach body are way smarter and in way better shape than I am. I merely want to clarify to anyone who is reading this and has this common incorrect belief. Your body is either anabolic or catabolic. That is you are either building or breaking down.


There are tons of really good advice in the guide regarding food journaling, cooking methods and the importance of listening to your body and the program is great! Is it for somebody like me looking to lose 20 lbs. No.

The program is about building muscle. Which is great. The addition of new muscle alone can greatly enhance weight loss. The nutrition program will help build new muscle. That is muscle is created by damaging and rebuilding with a supporting calorie excess. To build muscle you need to eat more.   Also that process of building and repairing muscle will help burn more calories. The new muscle created also requires additional calories to support it. So I’m not saying the program will not help with weight loss. It will, and you will kill yourself doing it.

I went to the beach body website. There are many sections for there products. There is one for weight loss and another called “extreme”. This is where the p90x and insanity videos are. The program is for people who are already in great shape. People who may be on a plateau and want to go from 17% body fat to 10%. I also found some websites of p90x users. One guy is identical to me in body composition. How much weight did he lose? 9 lbs and he still looks fat. No doubt underneath that fat is some sexy muscles. If he cuts it he will look great. Best get a treadmill pal.

So I’m going to watch what I eat and enjoy running in this great weather we are having. I will be back p90x. See you when I am 20lbs lighter!


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