Finishing up my stay-cation today. Overall it was balls. The weather sucked and I had to put my cat down. Hereis some advice to myself to ensure future stay-cations are a little more exciting.

1. If you absolutely must put your cat down, do it before the stay-cation starts.

This could not really be avoided in my case. I thought about pushing the stay-cation back, but I really needed to get out of the office. It was nice having a chance to spend some time with the meow meow before the big day and we did it right at the start so I only wasted a couple of days stressing.

2. Plan activities

Tamara makes our vacations awesome because she plans all sorts of fun things to do while we are away. A stay cation should be no different. I had a few things planned, but not enough. It would have been better to keep busy as I spent some time bumming over the cat.

3. Make it all about you

Stay cations are usually solo ventures. So it’s best to clear away any normal day to day obligations and really be selfish. Tamara was very understanding of this and took the bus most of the week.

Either way I feel a little recharged and look forward to getting back to work.

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