Birthday fun and a weekend run…. Or two

So Friday was my 30th birthday and I took half the day off work. As well I convinced 2 of my friends at work to take the afternoon off. We met my mom at earls westhills for a yummy lunch then crossed the street to see the newest Coen brothers movie, Burn After Reading. The movie was really good, starts off odd and you kinda wonder where they’re going with it but trust me it’s all good in the end. After that Dan and I drove up to Canmore to spend the night. We had reservations at a super rad resteraunt called The Iron Goat where I had a really nice buffalo steak for dinner, Dan the ribs. I definatly recommend this place, pricey though, but worth the drive. Dan is running a 6.2km trail run as I type this, chilly morning but good for a hard run, tomorrow is my first ever road race, only 5k, should be interesting.

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