Vancouver Wrap-up

Radiohead was great, but it seriously took us over three hours to get home.
The show was out at the university, the roads were blocked off blocks before the stadium so we had to get out of the cab and walk some of the way. That was fine, but after the show we kinda realized the campus was “out there”. There were no cabs and all the buses that went by were packed. We walked and walked further from campus…still all the buses were filled. Finally we thought we had better head back towards campus and try to find a bus that wasn’t full and that might stop for us. We found a bus loop with a huge crowd of people and we got in line. While the girls were waiting I went and tried to get a cab. Whenever one came into site it was a mad dash and somebody always had a huge head start on me. It was ridiculous. It kinda sucked because it was out last night there and the show was over early enough that we could have gone out and done something awesome instead of wandering around for hours in the rain. Other than that the trip was great. I did lots of running in Stanley Park and found a great yoga place.


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