Race Day

Today was the day. After nine weeks of training I was glad to get it over with. I was up at 5AM to eat and digest before the 7AM start. I as a little anxious as I headed to the race. The start and finish are only two blocks away, super convenient. My goal was to complete the half marathon in 1:45. That would be 30 minutes faster than last year. I decided to run with one of the pace setters. Maybe it would have been better to go solo. The pace setter was running a 10 and 1, where I had trained to run non stop. The result being the pace was going to be a little faster than what I had trained for. My big concern was the first hill after the stampede grounds. It was there last year I got the heaves and had to start walking. Lucky for me as we hit the hill we also hit our first 1 minute walk. I got over the hill and figured the rest would be easy. It was soon after I guess the pace caught up with me. Just outside the zoo I started to get the heaves. I also took this opportunity to pull over and pee. I had to go from about 15minutes prior to the race starting but the lines for the porta johns were way to long. I thought maybe I would sweat it out. I don’t think that is even biologically possible. So I started up again and tried to catch up with my pace group. I got pretty close after really picking up the pace, they were on a walk and then started running again. I thought about trying catch them, but the elevated pace was going to kill me. I then resigned myself to just run my own race. I figured if i could finish under 1:50 I would be happy. I started to pick victims and run a imaginary race against them for motivation. I passed a few guys in the pace group who had also faded. There was one older lady who was right on me for the last mile. I poured it on a finished in 1:49:30. I can live with that. Also set new PR’s for 5K and 10K. My buddy Nick who didn’t even bother training finished the full in 3:30 and Rob finished in 4:20.
Finished 406 OA in a field of 2247 and 51st in my age group in a field of 137
Here are some pics.



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