I don’t suffer fools

Most of you may be familiar with my new role as the neighborhood fun police. Example, No having super loud fun at the douche bag bar across the street! Perhaps a little background info is required. There is a bar across the street from my home that is marketing itself during stampede week as the answer to cowboys. Super! So they’re planning an outdoor tent with live music and bands. (50 cent?!) So I sent in a letter of objection and started a petition. I consulted with this guy who works for the AGLC. He advised me that my objection should be based of on the fact that all liquor licensee’s are obligated to ensure they abide by all civic bylaws. Pretty sure an outdoor concert is going to contravene the noise bylaw. Anyway, I really wasn’t expecting much to happen and I was right. I received a letter today that advised that they weren’t really going to do anything. What infuriates me though is that they just passed the buck to the city and did’nt even consider my request to place restrictions on the patio. (IE shutting down the music by 11PM) There is a precedent for this. Cowboys had this restriction for many years and it was very affective. Apparently the AGLC boards memory is severly stunted.
They also appear to make the argument that the tent and the steel fence will somehow act as some kind of noise dampener. Really!? Anyway, thanks to Graham Wadsworth for helping me navigate this process. No thanks the AGLC board and John Marr. Your lack of a proactive approach to this makes it obvious why your in government and not the private sector. I would love to bring 50 cent and G-UNIT to your neighborhood! Word!

See the letter below from the AGLC brain trust.


2 Replies to “I don’t suffer fools”

  1. This totally sucks.. But at 11pm every night can you not call the cops on a noise violation?

    They should roll in and stop the party.

    Either way.. no sleep for the wicked, and you’ve been very bad.

  2. Actually the bylaw in Calgary is 10pm. Yes I called a couple of times last night, but it really wasn’t that bad.

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