Simeon Ross

I went to the Marquee Room last weekend to see Simeon Ross.  Simeon once played for a band called Red Autumn Fall who I discovered when I was living in Winnipeg. Dylan and I were both bartenders at the time. Typically our nights off were Mondays and Tuesdays. We would go out to the bars, many nights we were the only people there. We would play games like stump the bartender. “Caesar? What kind of beer is that?” It was one of these nights we went to the Pyramid. There probably were not more than five people there. The first band was some folky thing from Austrailia of something. They had like twenty people on the stage. I’m not sure how they managed to tour and survive with that many people. Then Red Autumn Fall came on. We loved them, or at least I did. I don’t think I ever missed another show when they came to town. Another favorite local band was The Ballroom Zombies. Fronted by the infamous Robin Black. The first time I met Robin was at the front of the stage at a Red Autumn Fall show. We were both huge fans of them. The Zombies and Red autumn Fall became kinda tight. I think they toured together. I even recall Simeon performing onstage with the Zombies one night.

So yeah, Simeon was great. He didn’t play any old songs, but the new ones sounded pretty good. I would like to make a movie about him and Red Autumn Fall. There was a period of time they had this huge buzz. I was sure they were going to achieve some level of success in Canada at least, but it never happened. I think that’s what would make the film interesting. This undeniable huge talent failing to make it. In the end your just another shiny star in the galaxy and as wonderful as you are you may never get noticed. I heard that Simeon had a cancer scare and has walked across the country to raise money for charity and may do it again. That would probably be a good way to end the film.  With him walking alone down the trans canada highway.

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  1. The great thing about Canada is you could probably get a grant make a movie like that. If you need someone to star in it, I’m a pretty awesome actor.

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