Welcome to Gauld.ca!

Hey everybody! This is my new site. Theperfectweapon resulted in an email address that was way to long. So I started shopping around for a new domain. I was pretty stoked to see Gauld.ca was available. I don’t think I’m going to turn this into a regular blog, my life is just not that interesting. I will probably post pictures of trips and some of our outdoor adventures.

To catch some of you up Tamara and I were married a couple of months ago in Las Vegas. Tamara did a great job planning the wedding and she sure looked pretty on the big day. She is almost done scanning and photoshoping the pics, so I’ll probably post something here.

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  1. I like your beautiful sunsetty layout. The links you have will be super handy when I am trying to do Unix admin in my spare time.

    I dig it. WordPress is pretty dope.

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