Nick Cave – June 22, 2017 – Vancouver

Posted on June 26, 2017
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Reading – As I lay Dying

Posted on May 25, 2015


Why, Faulkner. The answer is simply, Nick Cave cited him as an influence. Apparently When the Ass Saw the Angel was heavily influenced from his works.
So here I am. Last week I downloaded, “As I lay Dying”. I chose that as my introduction on name alone. Wasn’t there a band with the same name? Anyway I thought it sounded adequately dark. I attempted to start reading last week. One chapter in and I put it down. There were words that described things from that era; I had no idea what they meant. The names of the characters also appear androgynous in this day and age. I could not make sense of who was who or their relation?

I really had no idea how to start? Was I not smart enough? Was the material too dated? Has the internet destroyed my brain, making me incapable of tackling anything that required sustained focus? Most likely on this last one. So it was to the internet I went to learn how to appreciate Faulkner.
Really I think the best advice I found was to read Faulkner as if you are a detective. You are watching the story slowly unfold. Small details become clearer. Really, it’s like watching a painting being created. On this advice I was able to get 4-5 chapters in and I’m actually looking forward to more.

Here is what I have found so far. Each chapter is named for a different character. Those chapters focus on the events at hand from that characters point of view. There are two men or boys. I have not been able to determine age yet named Jewell and Darl. There is a father and a woman who is dying. I think she is their mother? There are some women also, but I have yet to figure out what their relation is to the others?

Anyway this new approach has been successful. So I’ll be posting more thoughts as I progress.

Nick Cave – June 27, 2014 Southern Alberta Jubilee Auditorium

Posted on July 02, 2014




We No Who U R
Jubilee Street
Red Right Hand
The Weeping Song
From Her to Eternity
West Country Girl
Into My Arms
God Is in the House
Higgs Boson Blues
The Mercy Seat
Stagger Lee
Push the Sky Away

The Ship Song
Papa Won’t Leave You, Henry
The Lyre of Orpheus

When the Insanity ends…

Posted on March 08, 2014

After a long 9 weeks of Insanity every morning at 6:30 am, not missing one day of my 6 day a week regiment here are my results and yeah I feel good. (result pix at the bottom – click images to see full view)




Backpacking Banff

Posted on October 29, 2013


A few weeks ago I finally got out “backpacking”. I use quotes because the hike from the car was only about 50 yards. I had planned to go to Barrier Lake and had even booked a spot. This was the fist weekend in October. “You are the only one there booked for the whole weekend as of right now.” said the lady on the phone. “You will have the place all to yourself!”

“Yeah!?… Sounds great,!” I said.

I got off the phone. My friend and co-worker Brendan arrived in the office. I told him of my plans.

“You know the bears are still out” he said. “And they are hungry.”

I was looking forward to spending some time alone in the woods, but this was really REALLY alone in the woods. I cancelled my reservation. I decided it would be better to take a trip to tunnel mountain for a first excursion. That way if I had forgotten anything critical, it would be a short walk to the truck.


The lower campground was closed, so I drove up to the top of Tunnel mountain that I had thought was only for RV’s? There were some really nice walk up tent sites there that were exactly what I was looking for.




The new tent was easy to setup and the freeze dried food was easy to make and cleanup after.
I rode some trails and some of the Bow Valley Parkway the next day. Overall it was successful a little boring in the evening. I still cannot get a good sleep camping, even with the sleeping pad I borrowed from Myles.


Posted on October 28, 2013

So my evening workout didn’t happen, I’m laying here in bed still thinking it might happen? I doubt it. Instead I’m going to get to sleep early and do some HIIT tomorrow. Then maybe get in a run the following morning when I have recovered.

Training Day

Posted on October 28, 2013

Not sure what I’m training for yet?
I decided last night I was going to get up early, run to the gym and get in a workout. Why would I want to do this when the first snowfall of the year hit yesterday? Partly because running is preferable to driving, car2going or taking the bus. A car2go would not have been to bad, except having to scrape the windshield.

Also, I’m feeling inspired. I had been listening to UltraMarathon Man by Dean Karnazes. I have zero desire to even attempt what he does and the book is filled with bullshit philosophical platitudes, but the guy has done some crazy things.

I start most days with the intention to get up early and at least do a mini HIIT before breakfast. It never happens. I was awake about 3AM, I then laid there mostly awake for the next two hours wondering if this was actually going to happen. Miraculously it did.

I then stuffed my pack. Food at the bottom. Two hard boiled eggs, tilapia with green beans and some paleo mulligatawny soup. I’m planning on working out a little more when I get home tonight, so I need to fuel up.
Then are my clothes and realized I didn’t have a pair of shoes at the office, so my fluvlogg wingtips are crammed in there.


Also a protein shake in the side pocket. Half pre workout and half for post.
I continued to listen to the audio book on my run, I was on the chapter where he is running a marathon in Antarctica. My morning run seemed pretty easy in comparison, and it was. I hadn’t run in a while and it felt really good.

I landed in the gym around 6AM and attempted to pick up my strength training program where I had left off two months ago. I was ok on the squatz and deadz, but my bench gains are gone.

So what am I training for? Not sure yet, thinking maybe a marathon or maybe the Enbridge Ride? Really I think it was the snow that drove this. It would normally be time to hibernate and I’m just not ready to yet.


Posted on September 21, 2013

I ended up buying a new pack.


It’s 70L with lots of pockets and can facilitate a camelback. Took it out last weekend loaded for a walk in the park with Zaya. The window for a trip is fast closing, so I will book a spot for next weekend at Jewel Bay.

I’m looking forward to spending some time alone in the woods. Currently I’m in Banff, I took a little walk in the woods today. Found a nice spot to sit by the river. Must have sat there for an hour, completely content.

Backpacking – the pack

Posted on September 10, 2013

As I said in my previous post, I can probably make this 40 L pack work, but it’s tight on space.
I spoke with a fried at work and showed him my previous post and the picture of my gear. He suggested strapping my sleeping bag to my back pack. The would free up a lot of room. I’ll need to get a water proof stuff sack to ensure it stays dry. Sadly, I don’t think I’ll be able to get out this wknd.


Posted on September 07, 2013

I have always wanted to do some backcountry camping. The main obstacle has been to find a good lightweight tent. One day,  I had stopped into Atmosphere to get some items for our ultra comfort otentik camping at two jack, when I impulse purchased a north face rock 22. Since we’ve returned I’ve been acquiring additional odds and ends I’ll need and researching some hike in sites.


First lets make a check list of what I’ll need…

I bought this North Face Akila years ago. Turns out, this is a women’s pack! That might explain why it’s just a fraction on the small side? I’ve made efforts to pack light and plan only a wknd trip, so this should suffice. Looks like Tamara is going to get a new pack!

Large zip lock bags
For storing clothing to ensure everything stays dry.

Food Storage Containers
Not planning on having any leftovers and I’m going to eat freeze dried food. The site has bear bins for storage of scented items and food.

Sleeping Bag
Mountain Hardware. Lightweight. I’ll need to also sleep in something warm.

Sleeping Pad
I’m going to go without on this trip. I saw one on DX dot com I may buy in the future.

Food/Cooking Stove
Picked up an MSR pocket rocket and some light weight pots I can cook in and eat out of. Also bought 1 Mountain House Grilled Chicken and Mashed Potatoes for dinner and 1 Mountain House eggs and bacon for breakfast. I’ll also bring some extra food in the form of gels and energy bars in case of an emergency.

First aid kit
Water Bottle and Camelback
Extra Clothing
Rain Gear
Candle and water proof matches

Now, will all this fit in my backpack? Let’s lay it out!

Doesn’t look like much, lets start loading!

I’m going to load the items I will need least at the bottom and heaviest items closest to my back.

First In

Empty camelback into the hydration compartment. Not sure if this is a good idea? It may be difficult to fill when the pack is loaded? Tent poles and hatchet loaded parallel closest to my back.

Second In

Freeze dried food. Will not be required until after camp is setup, so it can go to the bottom layed flat. Next is the footprint on top of the food to provide some protection. Then the rain fly gets loaded parallel with the sleeping bag jammed in the bottom horizontally now between the tent poles and the rain fly on top of the food and footprint.

Roughly half full now. Hmmm.

Third In

Tent on top of the sleeping bag. I had setup the tent in my basement to make sure I had everything. Then rolled it up tighter to ensure it takes up less space.

Things are getting tight. With two bulky item remaining and some bits and pieces.

Fourth In

Down vest, rolled up and compressed as much as I can. The mountains are cold at night so this is essential. Rain poncho on top.

Cramming things in now. Not looking to bad…

Fifth In

Stove, gas and pot.

Remaining essentials that need to be accessible are in theback pocket. Map and first aid, along with tent pegs, cutlery, matches and fire starters. Bear spray and compass will ride in pant pockets.

This bag is crammed so tight I could barely get my headlamp into the side pockets. Not to mention, I haven’t loaded in spare clothes yet. Diagnosis is I think I can make this work for a first time one nighter, but I will need a larger pack.

Now lets weight it in. Currently at 22 lbs. This is without water. I think I will take some walks this week with it and see how it feels. I’ve had the pack for years, but I’ve never really hiked with it.